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Welcome to Bebas Hair & Beauty!

Our experienced and creative stylists listen to your needs and wishes to create a treatment that is unique to you. We are working with prices starting from, so please contact us for a consultation and to get an exact price.


Women's haircut/Men's haircut incl. styling 

from SEK 990 - SEK 1490

Women's haircut/Men's haircut (regular customer)

from SEK 690 - SEK 790

Bangs cutting 

SEK 370

Shaving head or beard 

SEK 250

Hair Color Palette
Hair Color Palette

Loops / Color / Toning 

Coloring or toning incl. cutting tops 

from 2300 SEK - SEK 2600

*on return visits, up to SEK 400 is deducted from the price

Loops incl. color/toning/tinting + cutting (2h)

from SEK 2300 - SEK 2600


Loops incl. color/toning/tinting + cutting (3h)

from SEK 2600 - SEK 2900

Balayage incl. haircut and Olaplex (2h)

 2900 SEK

*NOTE: if you have thick hair book 3 hours 

Balayage incl. haircut and Olaplex (3h)

SEK 3500 (Thick hair)

Bridal set
and make-up 

Simple hairstyle 

1900 SEK

Hair set or styling with team and motif 

2900 SEK

Light hair styling incl. Olaplex 

SEK 950


from SEK 750 

Bridal set including sample set 

price after consultation 

RR4C9870 (1).jpg
Hair Comb


Washing and drying incl. styling/laying 

SEK 900 - SEK 1600

Hair perm

1500 SEK / per hour

Prom Set  

from SEK 1,500

Plating incl. washing

from SEK 600 

Washing and drying 

from SEK 500

Simple styling without washing 

from SEK 500

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